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Our Platforms

Bank Revenue Solutions provides two factoring lending platforms. The Outsourced Servicing Model and In-House Operations Center. BRS delivers the expertise, technology, and loan servicing resources to expertly manage working capital products in partnership with Regional and Community Banks.

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Alternative Lending Platforms

Outsourced Servicing Model

This is our most popular delivery platform for the BRS Partnership utilizing a similar methodology to an outsourced underwriter/servicer for mortgage loans. The tenants of this private label outsourcing model are:

  • Your Bank originates the transaction and owns the customer for the life of that client relationship.
  • The credit decision is completely within your Bank’s control. The BRS Servicing partner conducts the due diligence using strict underwriting guidelines, as set by the industry, and makes a recommendation to the Bank. Your Bank then makes the decision whether it wants to fund the transaction.
  • Your Bank owns the paper and is the owner of the lien on the UCC filings.
  • Your Bank has dominion of funds.
  • The Customer Relationship is serviced in your Banks name by the best back-room operations servicers in the Accounts Receivable Industry in North America.
  • Your Bank funds 50% of the transaction and the BRS servicer funds the other 50%, hence the servicer is also a participant with the bank. This is a true participation relationship where the risk and reward is shared 50% by your Bank and 50% by the BRS servicer.

BRS will provide your Bank with:

  • Bank compliant software to manage the relationship in real time with the BRS servicer.
  • A formal credit policy with your bank’s credit appetite which will meet the regulatory guidelines.
  • An Operations/Policy & Procedures Manual for the lock box and funding.
  • A customized marketing program for the target market of the bank.
  • Training for your existing loan officers in the BRS program.
  • Recruitment services available for a product specialist within your bank.

Complete In-House Lending Center

BRS will build a complete in-house Working Capital Platform to provide the sales and operations center for your Bank:

  • Customize a budget and build-out plan for the Operations Center.
  • Assist with the design of the formal credit policies.
  • Provide the operations manual and the policies and procedures to manage the department.
  • As needed, train the existing staff in product knowledge.
  • Through Commercial Finance Consultants (our strategic alliance partner), recruit the top industry talent available in credit, operations and sales.
  • Develop a customized marketing program.
  • Conduct period audits to ensure compliance with the policies and credit criteria of your Bank.
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