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BRS / Bank Partnership

BRS provides an Integrated Platform which delivers the expertise, technology, and servicing resources to expertly manage working capital products in partnership with Regional and Community Banks. Our bank partnership formula leads to greater revenue for you.

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The Bank is provided with all of the private labeled backroom monitoring and servicing necessary to safely monitor and accommodate working capital lending.

BRS provides a Servicer that participates in 50% of every transaction

  • Over 50 years’ experience in Working Capital Finance
  • Currently managing in excess of $200 million in annual Accounts Receivable
  • Less than .05 basis points historical loss experience (documented)

Risk Mitigation and Monitoring

  • Underwriting, Packaging and ready for presentation to the Credit committee
  • Funding Recommendations that include pricing and proposed structure
  • Ongoing Customer Servicing
  • Constant Collateral Monitoring
  • Invoice/Payments processing
  • Account Debtor credit evaluation and monitoring
  • Aging Trends and Analysis
  • Concentration Analysis
  • Credit Insurance Analysis
  • Invoice Verification
  • Fraud Detection
  • Dilution
  • Collateral Reverse Management

Technology Partner

Cadence (now a part of ProfitStars, a Jack Henry Company)

  • Over 30 Years as an industry leader in AR and ABL software
  • Fully Compliant with all Banking Regulations
  • Bank has unlimited access to all accounts in the portfolio
  • Real-time reports for oversight of risk mitigation activities by BRS Servicer and maintenance of bank’s credit file
    • Aging reports
    • Trends Analysis
    • Concentration Analysis
    • Dilution Reports
    • Reverse Management
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