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BRS exists to make your bank more revenue!

Are you tired of being penalized on fee income because of the larger “Too Big To Fail” Banks?

We have the key to unlock the vault of profitability.

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BRS is staffed by subject matter experts in all facets of the Asset Based Lending industry and as such, we are the resource to help your bank attain and maintain success in the providing working capital to your customers who have small businesses and medium size businesses.

For even the most conservative banker who wants to know if this business might be right for their bank and wants to increase their presence into more C & I lending. BRS provides that knowledge base, network, and resources to accomplish the mission safely and efficiently.

Our Methodology is simple:

  • Analyze the individual scenario of each bank.
  • Devise solutions to meet the goals and risk profile of the client.
  • Then assist in the execution of the strategy.

You can count the additional fee revenue yourself. 

You won’t need our help for that.

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Our Solutions

To safely lend monies in any market segment, you must have a platform and expertise. We have the expertise to provide you with the options.

  • Outsource your backroom. The preferred solution we provide proven BRS Servicers who will not only service the BRS/Bank Partnership, but also share the risk and reward 50 / 50. You can be assured they are monitoring the transaction, as if it is their own, as they have 50% of their money in each transaction.
  • Build your own backroom. BRS has the ability to assist you in establishing a stellar backroom; complete with the credit policy, operational procedures, software which is FDIC compliant, marketing assistance, credit/sales/product training and even the human capital wherever you might be located.

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Banking Fee Income

Many community and regional banks are constrained by FTE’s and budgets for new product lines. New products must be successful and the fee income has to be justified and weighed against the risk.

Working capital meets all of these stress tests:

  • Net Interest margin equivalent of approx. 13.3%.
  • Every $1mm in volume will earn approx. $133k in net fee income.
  • Every $1mm in portfolio will yield approx. $700k in compensating core deposits.

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