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The BRS Partnership can be structured into three lending platforms.

Outsourced Servicing Model

This is our most popular delivery platform for the BRS Partnership utilizing a similar methodology to an outsourced underwriter/servicer for mortgage loans. The tenants of this private label outsourcing model are:

  • Your Bank originates and owns the customer for the life of the transaction.
  • The¬†credit decision is completely within your Bank’s control but is enhanced through a joint effort with the BRS servicing partner. The partner conducts underwriting and makes a recommendation to the Bank. The Bank decides whether it wants to participate in the loan.
  • Your Bank owns the paper and is the owner of the A/R on the UCC filings.
  • Your Bank has complete dominion of funds.
  • The transaction is serviced by the best backroom operations in the Accounts Receivable Industry in North America.
  • Your Bank funds 50% of the transaction and the servicer funds the other 50% hence the servicer is also a participant in the transaction.
  • The Bank pays a 10% servicing fee to cover the underwriting, monitoring, backroom, and operational activities of the servicing partner.

This is a true participation relationship where the risk and reward is shared 50/50 by your Bank and the servicer. BRS will provide your Bank with:

  • Bank compliant software to manage the relationship in real time with the servicer.
  • A formal credit policy consistent with your Bank’s credit appetite and regulatory guidelines.
  • An Operations/Policy & Procedures Manual for the lock box and funding program.
  • A customized marketing program for the target market of the bank.
  • Training for the existing loan officers in the BRS partnership.
  • Recruit a product specialist for the bank.

In-House Operations Center

Build a complete in-house lending platform to provide the sales and operations center for the BRS Partnership product.

  • Customize a budget, build-out plan and budget for the Operations Center.
  • Assist with the design of the formal credit policies.
  • Provide the operations manual and the policies & procedures to manage the department.
  • As needed, train the existing staff in product knowledge.
  • Through Commercial Finance Consultants (our strategic alliance partner), recruit the top industry talent available in credit, operations, and sales.
  • Develop a customized marketing program.
  • Conduct period audits to ensure compliance with the policies and credit criteria of your Bank.

Alternative Lending Referral

As this platform involves several different alternative lending products/services to include BRS (if you do not utilize one of the above platforms). Asset Based Lending, Trade Finance, Purchase Order Finance, Merchant Card Advance, and Leasing, it can be utilized in addition to either building your own operational center or to outsourcing the servicing of the BRS Product. This platform allows your Bank:

  • The ability to refer your customers to the best alternative lending sources in the US.
  • To retain your customers by providing them with alternative solutions to turning down a traditional lending situation.
  • To gain referral fees with no capital risk.
  • To participate up to 50% in any transaction which you desire.
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